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Melvina Gray
Mother and author, Melvina enjoys spending time with family, traveling , and writing. She also enjoys sharing her story with others and promoting P.T.S.D. awareness.
About Melvina Gray
Author Melvina Gray currently resides in Atlanta, GA. She worked as a certified medical assistant for many years before she decided to pen and self-publish her first book.

Committed to helping families dealing with PTSD by sharing personal experiences.
The purpose of my story is to convey my remarkable life experiences and challenges living with my husband who struggled with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result of fighting on the battlefield in the Vietnam War. It is my goal to reach other families who are living with someone who may have PTSD by helping them to recognize some of the signs and symptoms.

I believe that some people may not be aware that certain behaviors are related to the disorder, as I was unaware of my husband's for a long time. It is my opinion that PTSD sufferers may be better helped, physically and psychologically, if they receive treatment during the early stages of the disorder. This treatment can result in a better quality of life for the sufferer. Although it may be difficult for PTSD sufferers to seek the proper help, continue to encourage them to do so.

It is my desire that the tragic death of my husband, who struggled through the turmoil of severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, be turned into something positive.